konnectedkollective that aims to join and network different skills and mediums of art to form a team that together form an art project which concentrates on the art and social influences.

The creator: Jose Manuel Cunquero

In the late 90s in Spain (Huelva) I began studying Lighting (concert, film...) and worked as a Lighting assistant in a tv channel, at concerts, theatres, festivals and felt that I had developed my skills. Soon after I went on to study a photography Degree at Art school Leon Ortega.
By 2003 I started my journey in Barcelona, this time of creative self-growth and I began a graphic design Degree at Llotja Graphics Art School Alongside studying I worked in The Centro de Cultura Contemporaneo de Barcelona that inspired and influenced my ideas about organiz- ing events, exhibition and festivals in a form of expressing art to the masses. During this period I started my photographic self "Trash-Time" - which is a movement about urban art using the personal interplay of recycled/ found objects and people through time.
Trash-time pursues to highlight the growing and defining personality of the object and its environment, the usual setting being the urban landscape. Everything that the city throws away through furious production are the components that represent a vision of a social history within a system based on consumerism. Using photography,digital media and illustration as tools of a creative Diogenes syndrome offers a closer contact with the trash represented in my art.​.

I am currently living and working in London as a freelance photographer and lighting techni- cian on short film and music videos.


  • Visual Arts


  • Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Costume Design
  • Hairstyle
  • Makeup.